Our Business

Our Business

Here, we present the business of our group company.

Knowledge Intelligence Business

In our Knowledge Intelligence Business, we provide a Gratitude Economy Platform based in OKWAVE, Japan’s first and largest Q&A site, which makes those who have received many thanks more visible or gives them special discounts at businesses, with the goal of creating a society that rewards people both materially and spiritually.
Moreover, within the same business segment, we provide blockchain installation, management consulting, and marketing support primarily at our Malaysian subsidiary OKfinc Ltd., and OKWAVE and its affiliates are all deeply involved in the Gratitude Economy Platform, including the digital greeting card service run by American subsidiary OKWAVE Inc. called Birthday & Greeting Cards by Davia, medical information service provider OKEIOS Co, Ltd., and real estate service provider OKGAIA Co., Ltd., all while working to further evolve our services.

Enterprise Solutions

In enterprise solutions, we employ FAQs (frequently asked questions) to answer questions from a customer to an enterprise as quickly as possible and contribute to work reform through more efficient customer service.
We have occupied the top share of the domestic market for many years, providing domestic and international companies with consultation and solutions using Q&A, such as our OKBIZ brand chatbot and AI agent services such as OKBIZ for FAQ, an FAQ system used by government agencies and Fortune 500 companies, including the five major banks, as well as OKBIZ. For Community Support, a customer participation-based support community connected with OKWAVE.

Inbound Traveler Solutions

For inbound traveler solutions, our subsidiary BRICKS. Corporation provides hospitals, railways, governments, enterprises, and other organizations with a multilingual call center that supports 13 languages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
We offer both human and AI services for the various interpretation and translation demands born from increasing numbers of inbound visitors in the run up to the year 2020.


We provide FinTech (financial IT services) focusing on outsourced development of blockchain technology primarily at our overseas subsidiaries OKfinc Ltd. and OK Blockchain Centre SDN. BHD.
Also included in this business segment are various financial services provided by our subsidiary Premiere Securities.